Our Spirits

Unaged Corn Whiskey

Just like the good old days. Our unaged corn whiskey is great straight, on the rocks or blended with your favorite soda, juice or mixer.

80 Proof - $25.00
105 Proof - $28.00


Salted Caramel Whiskey

A blend of sweet and salty, that goes down smooth on its own. This tasty spirit can be blended with ice cream for an after dinner dessert or poured over ice for your sipping pleasure. 70 proof.



Vanilla Coffee Whiskey

Enjoy this rich coffee flavored whiskey that is sweetened and enhanced with just the right amount of vanilla.



Blowtorch Whiskey

Our Blowtorch brings the cinnamon heat that you love with a touch of sugar for a fiery sensation that will have you looking for the the fire extinguisher. 70 proof.



Blackberry Moonshine

This fruity shine is the perfect blend of sweet and tart. 40 proof.



Peach Moonshine

Sweet juicy peaches blended with a touch of spice to make a refreshing shine. 40 proof.



Rootbeer Moonshine

A classic flavor captured to send you back to those childhood days of family fun and simpler times. 40 proof.



Lemonade Moonshine

A summertime favorite! This lemonade is a tart, yet refreshing blend, made with real lemons.
40 proof.



Butterscotch Moonshine

Butterscotch!! Great on the rocks, mixed with some Bailey's, stirred into your Coke, Vanilla Coke or Diet, a shot in your coffee, or poured over ice cream. 40 proof.



Sweet Tea Moonshine

Just in time for the summer season! The tea is brewed right here and then combined with the perfect dose of sugar and “the good stuff”. 40 proof.



Apple Pie Moonshine

A delicious blend of apples, cinnamon and all the right spices. 40 proof.